nektar sofia

a new artist in town

nektar sofia is a new artist in town, based in Munich, loves writing songs and believes that life makes sense only with music, singing in different languages with influences from different cultures and connecting with people.

About Me

As a singer-songwriter she shows in her songs what moves her, feelings put in words and melody together, and hopes in this process to give hope and inspiration.

Her name is Nektaria Sofia, born and raised in Greece. She moved to Germany when she was 13 years old and she has been singing since she can remember.

Jazz, blues, soul, latin rhythyms, rebetiko (the Greek blues) inspires her a lot since she was little.

What I Do

Please find my best performances, done yet.

Damn your eyes

Werkhaus e.V. Offene Bühne 12.03.2021, München


Vocals and acoustic guitar by nektar sofia E-guitar, Bass, Keys and Percussion by Alexandros

hourglass, time, hours

Times flies

@MUSOC, Munich Song Connection Song Contest 03.09.2020, München

Fila me / Φίλα με

@ Munich Song Slam 02.01.2020, München

Featured Work

It is me - nektar sofia

@ da-schau-hör 25.05.2019, München Music: nektar sofia Lyrics: nektar sofia

Who`s that woman in the mirror Whose that face that`s facing me I could not see myself any clearer I must admit that this is me